Bringing the Beauty of Nature Indoors
Super Sky designs, manufactures and installs the highest quality skylighting systems worldwide.

Daylighting Skylight Systems

Custom Skylight Specialists Delivering Turn-Key Solutions

Super Sky partners with the top architects, contractors, developers and building owners to enhance natural lighting in interior spaces. As a single resource for daylighting needs, Super Sky provides complete project management. From preliminary design assistance through installation, we ensure a positive experience for our clients. Super Sky specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing custom skylight systems in a wide variety of glazing solutions to meet your design aesthetics. 

Super Sky offers the following skylighting systems:

Skylight Design to Installation, We Boast Cutting Edge Capabilities

Super Sky’s 115,000 square foot facility is complete with advanced CAD/CAM systems. Our revolutionary technology is engineered to connect directly to our on-site CNC machining center, saving time and money while increasing productivity. Instant communication between correlating departments enables our programmers to cut and prepare daylighting skylight components with the most precise dimensions while simultaneously digitally storing critical project information. Utilizing the industry’s latest equipment and software, Super Sky manufactures custom daylighting skylight systems faster, more precisely and with the highest quality.

Some of our cutting edge software and equipment includes, but is not limited to:

  • AutoCAD
  • SolidWorks 3D CAD Design Software
  • Sheet Metal Folding Machine (exact bending performance for a vast array of shapes with perfect replication)
  • 50-foot 5 Axis Machining Center (cuts the most complex miters, as well as completes drilling or routing operations in one setup)

Super Sky continues to develop revolutionary daylighting skylight systems with superior engineering technology. We stand behind our work and provide a manufacturer’s warranty against defective design, materials, construction and leakage. Whatever daylighting skylight system you dream up, Super Sky has the capabilities to build it. With Super Sky, the sky is no longer the limit.

Commercial Skylight Company Conquers Every Project On-Schedule and On-Budget

Whether your project is basic or highly complex, Super Sky has the product knowledge, experience and skills to complete any skylight project whether commercial or residential. In 80+ years, we have never failed to complete a project. Our designers, engineers and skylight installers work diligently with rigorous attention to detail to complete projects on schedule and on budget. With over 11,000 signature daylighting projects completed worldwide, Super Sky is the leader in custom aluminum skylighting. If you would like to learn more about some of the esteemed daylighting projects we have completed, visit our skylight photo gallery.

Innovative Skylighting Solutions, We are the Trusted Source for Turn-Key Results

Super Sky provides high quality skylight systems which are found across the world. We always deliver innovative skylighting options and personalized service while remaining cost effective. Super Sky is your single source for superior skylighting solutions.

Contact our highly trained skylighting sales representatives or Super Sky direct today for innovative skylight solutions you used to only dream about.