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Glass Glazing Systems

Glass Skylight Glazing Systems

Skylight Specialists Offer Various Glass Glazed Systems

Super Sky has developed a myriad of commercial and residential skylight systems for nearly every glass skylight configuration imaginable. From canopy/walkway skylighting to monumental skylights, whatever the geometry or supporting structure, Super Sky has the perfect system to fit your application. The versatility of our glass glazed systems allow for a magnitude of glass thicknesses and characteristics. Basic tint, louvered glass, electrically charged glass or stained glass, Super Sky has a glass glazed skylight system for you.

Our skylight specialists are extensively trained in all glass glazing systems. Our skylight glazing systems include, but are not limited to:

Basic Glass Skylight Glazing

EPDM Skylight Glazing Offers Superior Performance

The Basic Glazing System is ideal for sloped skylights and engineered with glass panels which are attached to the main spanning rafters by means of extruded aluminum retainers. EPDM glazing strips separate the glass from the aluminum stationed above and below. The retainers are wet-sealed on-site with high performance silicone and are capped with a finished aluminum extrusion to conceal exterior fasteners.

Our standard tubular extrusion utilizes internal clips to improve aesthetics, as well as offers enhanced spanning capabilities. The I-Beam provides a more “retro” look and feel when applicable. Both skylight systems have internal drainage gutters at the top, bottom and on the serrations of the extrusion to enable the fasteners to retain the glass. EPDM glazing strips are slid into the raceways at the top for separating the glass from the aluminum extrusion.

Super Sky has the glass skylight glazing system to best suit your needs. Visit our skylight photo gallery to view examples of some of our most impressive works of commercial and residential skylight fenestration. Super Sky: Progressive, Dynamic, Green.

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Total Flush Glazed System for Skylights

Total Flush Glazing from Commercial Daylighting Specialists

The Total Flush Glazed System provides complete flush glazing for commercial or residential skylights and daylighting systems. Our Total Flush Glazed System is comprised of glass which is retained to the main spanning rafters using extruded aluminum retainers. EPDM glazing strips separate the glass from the aluminum above and below. Retainers are wet-sealed on site with high performance silicone and capped with a finished aluminum extrusion to conceal exterior fasteners. For horizontal framing sections, glass is attached using structural silicone sealant joints to eliminate destructive water damming.

Super Sky invites you to visit our ever-expanding skylight photo gallery to view some of the most noteworthy residential and commercial daylighting projects we’ve completed.

Skylight Skin System

Commercial Skylight Glazing for Continuous Support Structures

Super Sky’s skylight skin system was developed primarily for use on projects where continuous support is required to maintain building integrity. This system has virtually no spanning capacity, thus requiring continuous support. The skylight skin system is especially ideal for projects where aluminum skylight framing must be minimized and supporting steel is needed under every connection.

Super Sky has the skylight glazing systems to enhance the look, feel and performance of your commercial or residential skylights. When it comes to skylights, Super Sky has the top industry experts to ensure you receive the best glazing system for your residential or commercial daylighting system.

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