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Photovoltaic Solar Skylights

Building Integrated Photovoltaic Skylights for Commercial and Residential Clients

Photovoltaic Solar Skylights Provide Energy Efficient Green Building Solutions

Super Sky specializes in Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) solar skylights for commercial and residential clients. Our extensive experience in designing, fabricating and installing complete Building Integrated Photovoltaic systems makes Super Sky the most comprehensive BIPV source for architects and contractors. Our commercial skylight specialists provide near limitless design and geometry possibilities for BIPV systems, including a vast array of options for canopy skylighting and walkway skylighting. Super Sky’s BIPV specialists ensure design of the supporting aluminum framework, proper skylight glazing and intricate details are implemented seamlessly to support and protect the photovoltaic skylight system while providing a flawless watertight seal.

Super Sky’s BIPV skylights are available in the following design configurations:

  • Single Slope Skylights
  • Ridge Skylights
  • Pyramid Skylights

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BIPV Skylight Benefits are Infinite

Utilizing Building Integrated Photovoltaic skylights generate a plentiful power source for residential, industrial, commercial, military and government structures. BIPV skylights effectively reduce fossil fuel consumption and the emission of ozone depleting gasses. These photovoltaic skylight systems also enable users to become virtually independent from utility companies to significantly reduce unpredictable electricity expenses. Building Integrated Photovoltaic systems add architectural interest while demonstrating your commitment to green building and renewable energy.

There are numerous advantages of integrating BIPV systems in your building. Below we have provided a brief sampling of benefits including:

  • Natural daylighting, solar shading, superior design, workmanship and industry leading manufacturers warranty against defective design, materials, construction and leakage
  • Custom sizes and unlimited design configurations utilizing thin film or crystalline (mono or poly) PV modules for greater power output, light transmission and thermal performance
  • BIPV glazing available to add architectural interest and enable users to generate electricity independently from utility companies
  • Infinite possibilities for BIPV integration including covered walkway skylighting, shaded parking, entrances, gas stations, atriums, etc.
  • Contributes and supports the U. S. Green Building Council’s LEED Green Building Certification System for natural daylighting and photovoltaics
  • Minimal possible additional cost for infrastructure
  • Internal wiring operation within skylight intrusions
  • Turn-key solutions for BIPV skylighting which encompasses skylight design, construction, solar skylight array configurations, expert coordination of electrical components and skylight accessories as well as skilled BIPV installation

Innovative BIPV Developments from World Renowned Skylight Systems Specialists

Super Sky has constructed hundreds of projects incorporating our high standards in skylight design, construction and weather-proofing, as well as photovoltaic power generation. In recent years, Super Sky has partnered with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to aid in the development of our Building Integrated Photovoltaic Mounting Systems. We are the first company to have an approved UL Classified BIPV mounting system.

Super Sky’s extensive field experience, industry expertise, innovative technological advancements and sophisticated CAD/CAM system allows our skylight company to provide turn-key solutions for all BIPV projects. From initial concept to final installation, Super Sky is your single source solution for innovative, dynamic and green daylighting.

Photovoltaic System Details