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Hurricane/Impact Rated & Blast Resistant Skylights

Hurricane/Impact Rated & Blast Resistant Skylights

Custom Skylights Engineered for Hurricane/Impact Rated and Blast Resistant

Super Sky offers a myriad of hurricane/impact rated and blast resistant skylights for commercial and residential structures, as well as military and government buildings. These performance-driven skylight systems provide outstanding safety and security against cyclic wind pressure, flying debris, incidental impacts, break-ins and even excess noise. Impact resistant skylights significantly reduce the threat of structural damage, injury and even death.

Our hurricane/impact rated and blast resistant skylight systems are engineered to withstand the most hazardous conditions to ensure you and your property remains safe and secure. Super Sky’s catastrophe resistant skylights uphold the industry’s most scrupulous standards. In fact, Super Sky currently holds four Miami-Dade County, Florida NOAs (Notice of Acceptance) for our impact rated skylight products. These impact resistant skylights are not only required in Florida, but on virtually every coastal region from Texas to Maine when a skylight is part of a building envelope. Our hurricane/impact rated and blast resistant skylights insulate you from property damage and danger from both weather and would-be-intruders.

Super Sky’s impact rated products are required in states governed by the International Building Code (IBC) where structures are within one mile of a coastline and wind speed exceeds 110 mph. Our impact resistant skylights are also required in any area where wind speeds can exceed 120 mph. A skylight located higher than 30 feet above grade requires a small missile impact rated system. A skylight located 30 feetor below in elevation, necessitates large missile impact requirements.

Macy’s Boynton Beach

Large and Small Missile Impact

NOA #18-0823.02 – exp. 11/18/2023 –
Laminated Glass
NOA #18-1220.02 – exp. 11/18/2024 –
Insulated Glass

Small Missile Impact

NOA #18-0618.02 – exp. 12/24/2023 –
Laminated Glass
NOA #17-1005.03 – exp. 12/14/2022 –
Insulated Glass

First District Court

Blast Resistant Skylight Systems Meet or Exceed Industry Defense Standards

Super Sky’s blast resistant skylights are primarily engineered and installed for government, military and defense sectors. However, our blast resistant products are also frequently employed in public gathering places. Super Sky takes great pride in meeting and exceeding the blast resistant engineering requirements needed to effectively combat various threat levels. Our blast compliant systems consist of highly complex connections and framing for the support structure. Glass thickness is confirmed with level of threat and is fully capped with secondary structural sealants for outstanding protection.

Super Sky has completed projects ranging from minimal threat levels to designs requiring fully dynamic glass and frame analysis. Our highly skilled engineers utilize current GSA controlled software to directly collaborate and communicate with our skylight design team for the most cohesive and efficient processes. Super Sky is the expert in accommodating all threat scenarios.

Hurricane & Blast Resistant System Details