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Point Supported Glass Skylight Systems (PSG)

Point Supported Glass Skylight Systems (PSG)

Point Supported Glass Commercial and Residential Skylights

Super Sky offers the industry’s most innovative Point Supported Glass systems for commercial and residential skylights. Point Supported Glass (PSG) systems reduce visible barriers by eliminating the need for additional support framing to capture the glass. Precision fabricated glass is fitted with stainless steel spiders and rotules to beautifully compliment any building entrance or facade. Super Sky’s commercial skylight specialists structurally analyze glass and supports to ensure adequate glass strength. Below we have listed Point Supported Glass options, standard features and basic requirements necessary.

  • Rotules can either be countersunk or buttonhead
  • Stainless steel spiders with a standard satin finish (premium finishes available)
  • Minimum glass thickness to be 13/16” laminated
  • Glass lites are fully tempered and heat soaked
  • Minimum interlayer thickness .060”
  • Solutia RA or RB PVB interlayer
  • Exposed glass edges to be polished

Chevy Chase

Butler Health – Slipery Rock

Super Sky’s fenestration specialists are experts at orchestrating the most innovative commercial and residential Point Supported Glass skylight systems. We even offer Point Supported Glazing options for exceptional aesthetic and performance.

Superior skylight designs, engineering, fabrication and installation makes Super Sky the industry’s leading commercial and residential skylight company. With a record of over 11,000 signature skylight projects fulfilled, Super Sky has never failed to complete a skylight project. We always conclude skylight systems on schedule and within budget. Super Sky stands behind its products and workmanship which is why all of our projects are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty against defective design, materials, installation and leakage.

Point Supported Glazing System Details