Glass System Details

Please note the following files are in AutoCAD. If you do not have AutoCAD you will need to download a free viewer.

Basic Details – GLASS

Basic Details -- GLASS -- PDF Format  

BD-1: 2-Sided Capped System-DWG
BD-2: Total Flush Glazing-DWG
BD-3: Sills-DWG
BD-4:  Sills-DWG
BD-5: Head-DWG
BD-6: Supports & Mounting-DWG
BD-7: Supports & Mounting-DWG
BD-8: Ridges & Hips-DWG
BD-9: Connections & Fasteners-DWG
BD-10: Gutters-DWG
BD-11: Gutters-DWG
BD-12: Expansion Joints-DWG
BD-13: Options & Accessories: Snow Guards & Sunscreen Shades-DWG
BD-14:  Options & Accessories: Vented Ridges & Cables-DWG 
BD-15:  Options & Accessories:  Operable Vents-DWG BD-16:  Sheet Metal Flashing-DWG

Single Slope Details - Glass

Single Slope Systems Details - Glass - PDF
SS-1: Single Slope Skylights-DWG
SS-2: Single Slope Skylights-DWG
SS-3: Single Slope Skylights-DWG

Ridge Details - Glass

Ridge Systems Details - Glass - PDF  
R-1: Ridge Skylights-DWG
R-2: Ridge Skylights-DWG
R-3: Ridge Skylights-DWG
R-4: Ridge Skylights-DWG

Pyramid Details - Glass

Pyramid Systems Details - Glass - PDF  
P-1: Pyramid Skylights-DWG
P-2: Pyramid Skylights-DWG
P-3: Pyramid Skylights-DWG

Dome Details - Glass

Dome Systems Details - PDF - Glass  
D-1: Dome Skylights-DWG
D-2: Dome Skylights: Single Slope-DWG
D-3: Dome Skylights: Multi Slope-DWG
D-4: Dome Skylights-DWG

Vault - Glass

Vaulted System Details - Glass - PDF  
V-1: Vault Skylights-DWG
V-2: Vault Skylights-DWG
V-3: Vault Skylights-DWG

Structure Details - Glass

Structure - Glass - PDF
STR-CVR: Structural Engineering Guidelines-DWG
STR-1: Structural Engineering Guidelines-DWG
STR-2: Structural Engineering Guidelines-DWG
STR-3: Structural Engineering Guidelines-DWG
STR-4: Structural Engineering Guidelines-DWG