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Polycarbonate Skylights

Superior Polycarbonate Skylight Solutions

Polycarbonate Systems Offer Outstanding Performance for Vertical and Sloped Applications

Super Sky’s polycarbonate systems are especially ideal for both sloped (minimum 2:12) and vertical applications which incorporate THE EDGE® and Standing Seam systems. To save you time and money, Super Sky utilizes an advanced CAD/CAM system which enables direct and immediate connection between our programmers and CNC machining center. This high tech system enables programmers to cut and prepare skylight components to precise dimensions, while simultaneously storing the information in a secure digital database.

Polycarbonate Skylights Utilizing THE EDGE®

THE EDGE® is a single layer skin system which mounts directly onto steel supporting structures. This polycarbonate system is ideal for smaller spanning skylights, canopy skylighting, walkway skylighting and clerestory glazing. As always, our skylight systems come with a manufacturer’s warranty against defective design, materials, construction and leakage. Below are the unique features for polycarbonate skylights employing THE EDGE® system.

  • Class I or II flamespread.
  • Single or double sided U.V. Protection.
  • Panel widths can vary up to 5′-0″ for 10mm and 16mm, and 4′-0″ for 25mm and 32mm.
  • Panel lengths up to 40′-0″.
  • Panels can be curved (cold formed) to a radius as small as 5′-9″ for 10mm, 9′-2″ for 16mm, 14′-4 for 25mm, and 18′-10.5″ for 32mm (175 times the thickness of the panel).
  • Panels can be fabricated to any shape and are not limited to rectangular shapes.
  • Up to 5′-0″ unsupported spanning capabilities – depending upon design, load, panel width and thickness.
  • Allows for unrestricted linear/lateral panel movement.
  • Strong, silent, leak-free and fire safe.
  • Can sustain high winds.
  • Impact resistance of 200 ft. lbs.
  • Standard Colors: Clear, Opal, Bronze.
  • Premium Colors: White, Green.

Great Wolf Lodge

Winnie Hospital

Polycarbonate Systems Utilizing Standing Seam

Super Sky’s Polycarbonate Standing Seam system can be installed with the polycarbonate batten caps exposed to the exterior. For a flush exterior appearance the Standing Seam system can be reversed utilizing optional aluminum battens. These systems are ideal for applications requiring high light transmission, thermal insulation and design flexibility. Lightweight yet incredibly strong, the Standing Seam system provides high shock resistance, vandal resistance and flame retardant. Some unique features and specifications of the polycarbonate skylight Standing Seam system include:

  • Thickness: 16mm.
  • Width: 600 mm (23-5/8”).
  • Panel Length: Up to 39’-0”.
  • Double-Sided UV Protection.
  • 3-Piece Aluminum Clip: Allows for easy installation and noise free movement with polycarbonate panel expansion.
  • Impact Resistance: 220 ft. lbs.
  • Colors: Clear, Opal, Ice Mist, Bronze, Green, Blue.

Super Sky’s revolutionary processes, combined with our industry expertise and extensive field experience makes Super Sky your single source solution for outstanding polycarbonate skylight systems.

Polycarbonate System Details

Basic Details – Polycarbonate

Basic Details – Polycarbonate – PDF

Single Slope Details – Polycarbonate

THE EDGE® Single Slope Details

THE EDGE® Single Slope Details – PDF 


Standing Seam Single Slopes Details

Standing Seam Single Slope Details – PDF

Ridge Details – Polycarbonate

THE EDGE Ridge Details


Pyramid Details – Polycarbonate

THE EDGE® Pyramids Details

THE EDGE HYBRID Pyramid Details – PDF

Vault Details – Polycarbonate

THE EDGE® Vault Details

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Standing Seam Vaults Details

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